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Proactive Chat Best Practices
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Proactive Chat Infographic

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Proactive Chat, or the practice of inviting your website visitors to interact with you via chat, rather than waiting for them to act on the chat button themselves, isn’t a new practice, but some websites still shy away from it. But statistically, proactive chatters are six times as likely to buy than an average website visitor – SIX times!

Many liken a poorly done proactive invitation to the overeager retail sales clerk who immediately bombards you with “May I help you?” as soon as you enter the store.

But if that’s not the approach, how do you do it? What are the rules when it comes to inviting website visitors to chat? The truth is, there are no tried and true rules. Every website is different. Some don’t proactively chat at all, others seem to have a knack for it! But there are a few best practices that stand out:




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5 Ways to Immediately Engage Website Visitors
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I conducted a well-attended webinar in late June which you can watch in its entirety here. I thought I’d list all 5 Ways and then talk about one in particular – managing the Twitter® stream.

Here are the 5 Ways:

  1. Deploy a “no-thinking-required” chat button.
  2. Manage inbound emails and WOW customers.
  3. Invite visitors to talk to you without annoying them.
  4. Manage the Twitter stream to find conversation opportunities.
  5. Integrate with Google Analytics to learn about what keywords are most likely to create engagements.

Twitter boasts 140 million global users and processes over 300 million tweets a day according to CRM Magazine.  That’s an overwhelming amount of content and for brands, let’s face it, much of it is irrelevant.  But the tweets that are relevant are usually very relevant.  A brand mention is usually an opportunity to engage with a fan, or attempt a service recovery.  So, the people who are charged with servicing customers are faced with possibly the largest haystack ever in the history of haystacks.  It is oft said that the Internet is “a vast ocean…two inches deep.”  If that’s true then Twitter is a vast galaxy, of equal or lesser depth.

We’re a software brand so we actually enjoy these problems.  This notion of trying to find the real work on Twitter may seem daunting, but we tackled it with our newest feature.  We’re in Beta now with our Twitter Management service and you can try it out if you’d like.  One of the solutions inside this service is the “Search Sandbox.”  This allows users to iteratively create advanced Twitter searches in order to weed out the chaff.  Once a search is producing great results, you can save it and start engaging in meaningful conversations.  Here’s a video of the Twitter search in action.

BoldBeta – Let’s Get Started!
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Today begins the beta testing phase of a new tool that can help manage Twitter for your business. BoldChat, with an integrated Twitter management tool, is available now! To become a beta tester, first, signup here. You’ll be directed to create a BoldChat account and download a new beta edition of BoldChat (or to login if you have a current account). Then, be sure to follow our @BoldBeta account on Twitter. Participation in the beta test is free and is slotted to last for 30 days. Each time you send us a suggestion or feedback via Twitter (tweet or DM), you’ll be entered in our drawing to win a new iPad.*


What Can You Expect During the BoldBeta?

  1. Full Functionality of BoldChat. The beta test will include a fully functional trial of our product, so all features of BoldChat will be available for use. We encourage you to use other features too. We don’t know yet what product edition the final Twitter functionality will be in.
  2. Some Bugs. The purpose of the Beta is to get feedback from BoldChat users. The product is usable right now, but not finalized, so there will be bugs. Why release a product with bugs? Releasing it to you at this point allows us to incorporate user suggestions in the final incarnation of the product.
  3. Some Missing Features. It may not have all the features you want – yet. Let us know what you think is missing! (And each time you do, you’ll be entered in our contest.) We can’t guarantee all suggestions will be incorporated, but we’d like to know how you’re using Twitter and what you want in a Twitter management solution.
  4. Lots of Support. When you experience issues, we want to hear from you. Send us a tweet or DM with simple feedback. Some issues will be escalated to email or phone support when necessary.

Here’s a quick video to guide you through getting started! But, don’t forget to follow @BoldBeta and download the software here!

*You can send as many suggestions as you like during the Beta test, each will count as a separate entry for the iPad, but to be entered into the drawing they need to contain constructive suggestions or quality feedback.


BoldChat Twitter Integration
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By now, we’ve all seen customer service go bad via social media. Customers (myself included) are impatient. It’s not uncommon for a consumer to go through all available channels of communication and, by now frustrated, turn to the world of social media – Twitter, in particular.

Twitter Video ImageWhat this means in today’s world is that brands should be managing their online presence via Twitter – not just broadcasting. It seems only natural that an integrated communications solution is the way to go, but how do you cut through all of the clutter? BoldChat’s managed Twitter solution (which releases in Beta later today) can help by setting up a workflow for Twitter. To find out more about the Twitter integration, check out this 6-minute demonstration. You might also want to take a look at a webinar we presented with Website Magazine, 5 Ways to Immediately Engage Website Visitors. The Twitter integration is covered in that presentation as well!

We’ll be managing the beta program by monitoring Tweets that come in on @BoldBeta, so if you’re planning on participating, follow us there!

Can You Get Objective Data in a Biased World?
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We’ve been publishing data about live chat for a number of years. We know that there are individuals from some brands who download every piece of research that we put out. Although some don’t use our services, this tells us that we are regarded as a leader in live chat and an industry expert. We’re proud of the work we do in live chat research and we’ll take that compliment!

Brad Einarsen, of Klick Health (who is not affiliated with BoldChat as a customer or partner of any kind) recently published a blog post on the use of live chat within Pharma companies. Brad points out,
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