Embrace Rejection? No. Listen to the Lesson? Yes.

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Recently, an article titled, The Dumbest Piece of Sales Advice You’re in Danger of Following, by Jill Konrath, was sent to me. It was a good laugh and great advice too.

lessonEmbrace rejection? No, thanks. She sums it up well by making this point:  if you embrace rejection as a part of the job and quickly move on to make the next call, you’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

As the author points out, when you learn from your interaction, your approach will change and your results will change. So, let’s take a look at that underlying lesson. If you were to contact customers who canceled your service, returned your company’s product or otherwise dealt you a hearty serving of rejection, what do you think they would say to you? What would they say about your product or service?

On a regular basis, I call customers who cancel service. I ask them about their experience as a customer, how chat or click-to-call is/was used at their company. I ask them if there were any specific experiences that made them cancel service. We learn a lot about our customers from these conversations.

But, just as important, we recently surveyed our active customers. Because if customer experience is important (and it is) there are really two sides to the story: how former customers say we did and how current customers say we are doing! For a peek at the results of our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, visit our Customer Support page.

What are you doing to learn the lesson?

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  • hi

    the article youre referring to is admittedly quite funny, allthough “stupid advices” like embracing rejection do have a point. Your sales personal needs to stay motivated and be immune to a certain amount of rejection. Of course you should not blind yourself if things arent going well at all. interesting read.

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